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    Following the big stride marching into the field of blood purification, Biolight again eyes at Qingyuan city of Guangdong province. Recently, Houdelaifu, subsidiary company of Biolight, through its holding subsidiary, Qingyuan Biolight Medical Services Investment Management Co., Ltd. acquired all the property rights of Qingyuan Kanghua Hospital. This is another acquisition action in the field of hemodialysis followed by Zhuhai Yannian Hospital signed a cooperation with Biolight in March of this year. 


It is understood that Qingyuan Kanghua Hospital is profit medical institutions, diagnosis and treatment scope including medical treatment and hemodialysis which highly conform to Biolight’s main business. In addition, the hospital is one of workers and residents medical insurance designated hospitals, and designated reimbursement hospitals of special disease in Qingyuan city. From the perspective of hemodialysis business, Qingyuan Kanghua Hospital is fully fledged. 


This cooperation will achieve the advantages of integration of both sides in device, disposables, marketing channels, costs, and patient resources, etc, such as: 

Biolight production of hemodialysis machine can be leased into own hospital and dialysis center;
      Biolight produced disposables can be directly supplied to the hospital, save hospital’s cost;
      Cost of hospital hemodialysis center can be diluted by providing other medical services as well;
      Nephrology department of hospital can improve profit margin through incremental hemodialysis patients;
      Designated medical insurance reimburse place will release hemodialysis patients pressure to pay in long-term patients.

Therefore, Qingyuan Kanghua Hospital will significantly increase its profitability in future after the transformation by Biolight.


 Since the beginning of 2012 entering into the field of hemodialysis, rare company in same business scope can match Biolight’s pragmatism and firmness. From the acquisition of equipment manufacturing companies to the production of consumables, then to the mergers and acquisitions of national distribution base of production and channel, Biolight has built up business model from manufacturing to circulation domain in hemodialysis industry chain. 


This is Biolight’s long-term strategic layout to speed up the construction and improvement of hemodialysis ecological circle, and to gradually promote industry & service,  carrying out 246 strategy in medical services, which also marks a new extension for the company from simple manufacturing to the medical service.

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